Summer 2017

The Ezra Experience

or: Why Go Ezra?

Ezra World is an official provider of Taglit Birthright Israel trips.

Each trip is ten days long and is absolutely FREE. Trips are open to for Jewish young adults who are 18-26 and who have not been to Israel on a peer program after the age of 18. Ezra World is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beauty of Israel and form friendships with American and Israeli peers.

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Eat yummy food

Hummus, Falafel & Schwarma are the flagships of the Israeli kitchen. Take a bite!


Eat yummy food

A Culinary experience for all senses


Ride a camel, Kayak in the Jordan river, bike around the Hula lake. Let’s get your adrenaline going.



Enjoy your trip!

Experience Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of the world for a reason. Visit the Western wall, soak in the mountain air and feel part of something big. Like, really big.


Experience Jerusalem


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Tan on the beach all day, party all night, and experience the vibrancy Tel Aviv is renowned for first-hand.

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Tel Aviv

The City that never sleeps

Amazing Israel

There are sights in Israel you won’t see anywhere else. Float in the salty Dead Sea, see the views from Tzfat, witness the vast tranquility of the desert. Breeze in. This is Israel.

trip to Israel

Amazing Israel

Feel the desert wind

Meet Israeli Soldiers

Israelis are different from Americans in many ways. We’re going to let you find out how for yourself.

ezra people

Meet Israeli Soldiers

Ma Hamatzav? (What’s up?)

You can now start your application for the winter 2015/16 and summer 2016 trips before registration officially opens. Do you want to get more information from us? No problem, just sign up to receive more info about our trips.

Trip options


To qualify for one of our trips, you need to be 18-26 (inclusive) years old, Jewish, and have never been to Israel on an organized trip since turning 18. Learn more

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tel aviv


During the Winter 2016/17, we will have multiple groups departing in Dec 2016 and Jan 2017. Click here!

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Flights leave from JFK and various other airports.

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We offer several different trip options. Our regular trips are perfect for anyone! Want to learn more about our trip options? Click here!

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