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The Ezra Files: In Search of The Perfect Salad

Posted by: Jacob Shore

Date: January 19, 2017

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The Quest:


42 Participants crossed the ocean and scoured the land in search of one thing! The perfect salad! Finally! a clue! An image of a tomato! A mustachioed man! Some strange words in an ancient tounge! What could it all mean!!??

Men scratching head with confusing sign verbage.

Upon seeing the strawberries we knew – we we’re hot on the trail of the Salad! In fact we we’re on “The Salad Trail”!

“No! I must disagree! Goat fertilizer is far superior to cow manure when you consider the nutrience factor and the coverage to volume ratio!”

“Ha! Ha! Surely you jest!”

-Talking-trash on the Salad Trail

I call this one “Selfie With Black Carrot” – A special thanks to our very own Jaclyn for modelling the carrot for us!

Rejoice! Let the Salad Games Begin! This one is called “Put-Things-In-Your-Mouth-While-Blindfolded” (yeah, it took us a long time to come up with the name.)

NOTE (3/6/2017): When I originally wrote this post I had seen pictures of the Salad Trail but had no idea what it actually was, now that I have been briefed as to what it actually is – perhaps I will write a different post explaining it.


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