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To Israel!! Full Speed Ahead!!

Posted by: Jacob Shore

Date: February 14, 2017

Category: Ezra Trip, EzraWorld

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    1. Registration is in full swing this week – so drop what you’re doing and smash that orange ““REGISTER HERE” button to register for one of our 10 day free Birthright trips to Israel! Register now to secure your spot!
      1. Ezra will be conducting a Facebook live session this coming Sunday (Feb. 19th) @ 10:30am EST – Jacob Shore and Shaul von Gersztenblit and the Ezra Staff answer all your questions about Ezra World Registration, Trip Options, Ezra Gossip, the meaning of life and any other topic of interest (preference will be given to questions pertaining to Ezra World – Birthright trips).
      1. Shakshuka is coming! Tomorrow (Wednesday Feb, 15th) you shall all witness our very own Ezra World Chef Shaul von Gersztenblit prepare a recipe for Microwave Shakshuka and feed it to the Ezra Staff! The recipe was submitted by Michel Kusma for our “Spices of Israel” Ezra Dorm Room Cooking Contest! #ezradormfood

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