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Oh The Places You’ll Go – On An Ezra Birthright Trip!

Posted by: Jacob Shore

Date: February 23, 2017

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Where is Ezra?

Part I: Get High In Safed!


Safed צפת is a beautiful city in the northern part of Israel known as the Galilee. With its ancient cobblestone streets and buildings, Safed enjoys a view you can’t get anywhere else in Israel! This is because at an elevation of 900 Meters (2,953 ft) above Sea Level – Safed is the highest city in all of Israel!

 Present Day Safed (photo courtesy of איגור ברנשטיין) and Safed in 1908: 

But of course, it’s not just it’s elevation and picturesque views that make Safed lofty! Breathe the rarefied Safed air and you’ll experience a city like no other – with a culture and history that’ll make you trip!

In the Sixteenth Century, Safed became the center for a form of Jewish Mysticism known as “The Kabbalah” and has remained so ever since! The most prominent teachers of the Kabbalah, Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Ari) and Rabbi Moses Cordovero (The Remak) lived and taught in the streets and synagogues of Safed. Come with us and you’ll see where. The Kabbalistic heritage of Safed actually prompted a visit from the world’s most well-known modern day “Kabbalist”, Madonna, in 2009!

 Detail from the Ari Synagogue (photo courtesy of Roy Lindman): 

Kabbalah, not your thing? How about art? Safed is also the home of one of Israel’s largest Art and Artisan colony’s in Israel! Come check out the Safed candle factory and browse the streets of the Artist’s colony!

 Artist Colony courtesy of Daphna Tal 

How about music? Safed is hailed as the Klezmer capitol of the world!

Mysticism! Art! Music! Come inspire your muse! Register with Ezra World and experience the Safed connection!

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