birthright israel

General Flight Information

Please read carefully some flight rules here: You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to the gateway airport You must depart for Israel with your group from the scheduled gateway airport You can not meet the group in Israel, even if you are already in Europe or in Israel at the time You can extend your ticket to a return date of a maximum of 90 days from the date of departure for Israel If you stay in Israel for longer than your ticket allows for, your ticket will be void, and you will be responsible for your return flight yourself You can not pay extra for a stop-over or to change your return flight destination You can not get frequent flier miles for your ticket

Getting to the airport

You are responsible for arranging your own travel to and from the gateway airport in the USA or Canada. You are required to arrive at the departure airport at least 4-4,5 hours before your flight to Israel is scheduled to depart. You will be met at the airline check-in area by Ezra representatives who will present you with your plane ticket and who will give you instructions on how to proceed through the security screening and check-in processes. When you arrive to the airline check-in area, simply locate Ezra staff members. They will be wearing Ezra t-shirts and will be holding Ezra sign, and they will be looking for you too! If you need a domestic flight to NY, it is your responsibility to book and fully pay for the roundtrip tickets. Please take a flight that arrives to NY at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure to Israel, in case there are any delays or cancellations on your domestic flight. For the return flight, if you are scheduling a domestic connection, plan for at least four hours between flights to allow for passage through customs/baggage claim, etc.

Seating Arrangements

It is impossible to book seats on the plane in advance, however you can try to do it at the airport when you check-in. Sometimes seating arrangements come pre-arranged and that cannot be changed, so in that case you cannot get a seat next to your friend. You would need to seat at your assigned seat, and then after take-off you may ask a person next to you or next to your friend, to switch seats.

Special Meal Requests

For participants requesting special meals such as vegetarian, diabetic meal etc on the flight, the request must be by email at least 3 weeks before the departure date. After that time, your request can not be guaranteed. Taglit-Birthright Israel requests kosher meals for all participant and staff. If your group flies El-AL airlines, you can request Glatt Kosher. We still suggest you to take along some kosher food with (no liquids) in case airlines misplaces your kosher meal.

Baggage Limits

The Taglit-Birthright Israel program makes use of multiple airlines. Some flights are direct flight to Israel, while other flights include a stop-over in the US or Europe. Most airlines allow participants to check two bags and bring one piece of carry-on luggage as well as a small carry-on bag, but it’s your responsibility as a participants to check the airlines’ websites for exact baggage limits.


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