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Got a friend who you think would enjoy a free 10 day trip to Israel? Why not help them make it happen by referring them to Ezra World? That way, you’ll know that you’ve sent your friend on their way to an awesome Birthright Israel Experience, and you’ll have made yourself some cash in the process*!

  Recruiter’s Form  

Ezra World offers a robust recruiter’s incentive program with two options:


Option A: Staff A Trip


Want to go to Israel for free but aren’t eligible for Birthright? Simply recruit 10 people to go on a Birthright Trip and you can apply to staff a trip and go to Israel absolutely free (see below for staffing requirements)! For every person recruited over 10 people, you will earn up to $75 (see Option B for details). If for some reason you don’t manage to recruit 10 people you will be switched to Option B and get paid per applicant!


Option B: Earn Money


Are you interested in making money facilitating your friends “Best Summer / Winter Ever”? Send them over Ezra World and send them on their way and you’ll get a commission*! Ezra World offers the highest recruiter rates out there:


Here is a breakdown of our rates:

  • $25 per application finished with deposit
  • $25 more if the applicant actually goes on the trip ($50 per applicant)
  • $100 bonus for recruiters who recruit 10 people** ($60 per applicant)
  • $300 bonus for recruiters who recruit 20 people** ($65 per applicant)
  • $600 bonus for recruiters who recruit 30 people** ($70 per applicant)
  • $1000 bonus for recruiters who recruit 40 people** ($75 per applicant)

To sign up for our recruiting program, simply fill out this Recruiter’s Form You’ll recieve an email with a recruiter’s link – you can start recruiting immediately!


*Recruiter program and rates do not apply to Eretz Chemda Single Gender Girls Trips.

**Applies only to applicants who actually go on a trip.


Rules and requirements:


The Ezra Referral Program is open to every Jewish person regardless of whether you are an Ezra alumni or not.
In order to be recognized as an Ezra recruiter, you must register with us at this Recruiter’s Form, and you will receive a unique referral link.
All people recruited must be eligible according to the Taglit-Birthright Israel eligibility rules.
People you recruit must enter your unique referral link when they register in order to inform us that you referred them.
In order to receive a reward for your referrals, you must be the first to refer them to Ezra. In case two recruiters refer the same applicant, only the first recruiter will be rewarded.
Submitting your friends through the Ezra Referral Program does not guarantee their acceptance.The best thing an applicant can do to better their chances of being accepted, is to submit their deposit as soon as possible.
As an Ezra recruiter, you are representing Ezra USA and therefore, we ask that you do not misrepresent Ezra or Taglit-Birthright Israel, make false promises or give out wrong or misleading information.
Ezra has the right to revoke the participation of any Ezra recruiter who does not adhere to the above mentioned rules.
Ezra reserves the right to completely close, temporarily suspend and/or make significant changes to the Ezra Referral Program at any time without prior notice.


If you chose option A to staff a trip, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old by the time of the departure date.
  2. You must have previous Israel experience besides a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip.
  3. You must pass our staff interview process.
  4. You must participate in our staff training meeting.
  5. You must be present at the group orientation meetings (for out of NY/NJ residents – conference call).
  6. Recruiting 10 people is not a guarantee that you will be able to staff a group. Ezra reserves the right to make the decision regarding your group and departure dates.
  7. You will not be compensated for travel to and from the departure/arrival airport inside the USA/Canada and you are responsible for getting to and from the airport on your own.
  8. Additional qualifications and requirements may apply.

If you have further questions about the Ezra Referral Program, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. We can be contacted at 718-233-4301 or recruit@ezraus.org.


You can now start your application for the winter 2015/16 and summer 2016 trips before registration officially opens. Do you want to get more information from us? No problem, just sign up to receive more info about our trips.