Sample Itinerary

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport Shalom and welcome to Israel! A warm welcome home! Meet your tour guide and get on the road. Mifgash Meet your new Israeli friends-soldiers! Meet and greet the eight young Israelis who will be joining your group and touring with you for the next 5 days. Travel to Haifa Visit the northern port of Israel. An amazingly varied city were secular and religious, Jew, and Arab, Christian, Muslim and Baha’i all live together. Soak up the sights and sounds of one of Israel’s largest cities. Explore the unique Hecht Collection of ancient archaeological artifacts on the University of Haifa campus. Dinner Overnight: Hotel near the Kinneret

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Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Explore the lush green Hula valley, backdropped by Israel’s biggest mountain – Mt. Hermon. Learn about Israel’s conservation efforts, and the major role this tiny country plays for millions of migrating birds each year. Nachal Ayun Hike Nachal Ayun, following the border with Lebanon. See the beauty of four waterfalls up close, as well as Israel’s unique flora and. Misgav Am Visit one of Israel’s northern Kibbutzim, situated mere meters away from the Lebanese border. Hear from locals about the effect politics have on everyday life in border settlements. A kayaking adventure on the Jordan River Get ready for a wet and wild run down the Jordan River. Bounce over the rapids with your new friends, then lie back and relax as the river widens, and soak in the sun and the surroundings. Dinner Overnight: Hotel near the Kinneret

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Breakfast Mystical city of Tzfat This ancient Jewish city, birthplace of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, was home to many illustrious Jewish sages and mystics during the 16th century. Set high in the Galilean Mountains, the city is steeped in history with ancient synagogues, ornate and colorful architecture, and some really interesting characters. Now home to a flourishing artist colony, the city has a unique and magical atmosphere. Tzippori A site of great historic value, the home of amazing ancient mosaics, great archeological finds including many early Jewish legal texts. Leket Ever wanted to be a farmer? Take some time out to help others? Do both of these at the same time. You will harvest a field, working together as a team having great fun, whilst at the same time helping those in need. Everything you pick goes to those who can not afford to put food on the table. Dinner Background session on the Holocaust with Madrichim Holocaust Survivor Hear the first-hand story of a Holocaust survivor and how it influenced who they are today. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem

Yad VaShem Program at Yad VaShem – Israel’s National Memorial to the Holocaust, including visits to the museum, the Children’s Memorial Hall and a memorial service at the Valley of the Lost Communities. Mount Herzl Military Cemetery Set in the Jerusalem forest, Mount Herzl is Israel’s national cemetery for the military leaders of the nation. Walk amongst the graves of Israel’s fallen and hear firsthand stories from the soldiers in your group about those who perished defending the people of Israel. Memorial ceremony by the soldiers Reflection and Feedback Session with Madrichim Night out in Jerusalem Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem

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Breakfast Haas Promenade An overview of Jerusalem from the hilltop promenade! A unique panoramic view of the ancient alongside the new, get a brief overview of 4,000 years of history. Yemin Moshe A tour of the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City. Walking tour of the Old city of Jerusalem Entering through the Zion Gate, visit the Tomb of King David – the conqueror of Jerusalem. Tour the Jewish Quarter, the Cardo – a 2,000 year old market street, still used today, and the Southern Wall Excavations – where the Jewish People ascended to their Holy Temple in ancient times. Kotel (Western Wall) Machane Yehuda Explore the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Jerusalem’s open air market. Take a few minutes to talk to locals whilst they shop, hear their stories and thoughts. Farewell to the soldiers after the great five days we spent together Seminar – preparation for the Shabbat, by Rabbi Origins and customs of traditional Shabbat observance. Kabbalat Shabbat Traditional Kabbalat Shabbat with Shabbat prayers and songs. Festive Shabbat dinner Evening activity Discussion on the subject of “Jewish identity”. Jewish identity is defined in countless ways and has a different meaning for everyone. Discuss this focal point of the trip with your peers. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem

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Breakfast Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony Workshop on the importance of being a community member in the Diaspora Group activity: Being Jewish in the modern world – study session Delve into the depths of an original Jewish text, composed and studied by the famous rabbis of ancient Israel and their pupils. Shabbat meal in the hotel. Walking tour Stroll through the local neighborhoods, soaking up the unique Shabbat atmosphere only found in Israel. Havdalah – ceremony for the end of the Shabbat. Dinner Night out in Tel Aviv Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem


Breakfast Tree planting Leave your mark and connect to the land –plant a tree in the Ezra forest. Archeological dig at Adulam Have a “hands on” experience with the past as you participate in an archeological dig at Adulam. Barkan Winery Taste the grapes and the wine, and learn all there is to know about wine production in Israel. Drive south into the Negev Desert. Camel Trek Enjoy a Camel Trek, followed by a Hafla –a Bedouin Feast. Bedouin Experience Enjoy the traditional Bedouin hospitality with music and coffee ceremony. Join a traditional Bedouin feast. Reflection and Feedback Session with Madrichim Sleep in a traditional Bedouin Tent Dance by the bonfire, and spend the night under a billion stars in a Bedouin tent.


Breakfast Masada Ascent Masada during the late hours of the night via the Roman ramp to witness a sunrise from the mountain plateau, tour Herod’s Palaces and hear about its Jewish defenders who chose death over slavery at the hands of the Romans. Descend via the Snake Path. Dead Sea Enjoy a chance to swim (more precisely, to float!) in the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on the Earth. Revitalize your skin with mineral filled mud, soak in the sulfur pools or simply float away under the sun. Ein Gedi Hike A serene desert oasis with pools and waterfalls, Ein Gedi was also the site of David’s hiding place from King Saul thousands of years ago. Dinner Overnight: Hotel in Negev

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Ein Avdat A stunning desert canyon home to interesting wildlife, and full of natural springs that all empty into a series of waterfalls leading to a deep pool. The hike ends with a climb to a wonderful outlook over the desert. Sde Boker David Ben-Gurion’s desert home, peek inside the simple house of Israel’s first Prime Minister, gain an understanding of who he was. Visit his final resting place in the desert. Overnight: Hotel in Tel Aviv area

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Independence Hall Relive the historical moment of the founding meeting of the State of Israel with a visit to Independence Hall Old Jaffa tour Explore Old Jaffa – world’s oldest port, and city of the prophet. Take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea on a hot beach in Tel Aviv. Farewell Dinner at one of Tel Aviv’s unique restaurants Closing sessions: What did the trip achieve for you, going back to your community and feedback. Drive to Ben Gurion Airport. Shalom U’Lehitraot.