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The Birthright Israel gift is open to all Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 26, post high- school, who have not traveled to Israel before on a peer educational trip after turning 18. The gift is open to all Jewish young adults regardless of religious affiliation, community involvement or financial wherewithal.
NOTE: Trip dates are subject to change.


TLV Your Way


Experience Tel Aviv: Ezra World now offers a new program called “Tel Aviv Your Way” which has an expanded program in Tel Aviv and swanky upgraded hotels! An adventure for the posh and the hoity-toity!

Photo courtesy of Gilad Avidan


Sharing Our Home “Extreme”


For those who fancy their Israel experience spiced with an extra dose of adrenaline – Ezra World now offers the Sharing Our Home – “Extreme” trip! Rappelling in Eilat, Scaling Massada and an array of activities designed for the “Extreme” palate. Did we mention that it’s “Extreme”? ‘Cause it is. “Extreme” that is! (In case you lost track – 5 times)


Campus Trips


If you want to go to Israel with people from your own university, this is the trip for you. Join Hillel Ezra for a Taglit-Birthright Israel experience geared especially for your University. A fantastic adventure through the history and wonder that is Israel, accompanied by an incredible team of a knowledgeable staff and Israeli soldiers who will transform this vacation into a trip of unbelievable adventure and discovery. When your return from this amazing trip you will have 40 new friends from your university for the rest of your life.


Spices of Israel

Food is a language that we all have in common. Whether you are a food enthusiast or it’s your first time in the kitchen, this trip will satisfy your appetite. Israeli cuisine is a unique melting pot of world dishes influenced by the Jewish people from their origin countries and Mediterranean food. In addition to the regular tour locations you will attend master chef classes, visit a patisserie specialist, boutique chocolatiers, wineries, markets, etc. You’ll return home with new flavors and recipes.

This program is open to Canadians however all participants are responsible for their travel to and from the US gateway city of departure.

EZ PASS – Take The Faster Path

7 Day Trip

Busy are you? This 7 day trip will not only fit into your schedule but will also give you the opportunity to experience Israel with those who really know this historic land: 8 Israelis for the entire trip. In this customized journey you will visit the highlights of Israel, the land where it all began. Experience the colorful cities, fascinating people, relaxing beaches, jaw-dropping wonders of nature and be enriched by its beautiful and diverse sceneries. Take home with you a lifetime of memories

Rythm and Paintbrush

Art, music, and the surrounding culture form their own language that bridges all cultures and societies, through even time and space. This trip brings together art and music enthusiasts to experience the culture, art and music scene in Israel.Youwill meet withvarious artists and musicians andattend master classes in various art fields. During the regular tour locations a focus will be added integrating the theme of art and music, enlightening you in the development in the Modern State of Israel.

This program is open to Canadians however all participants are responsible for their travel to and from the US gateway city of departure.

Chemda Couples

For those looking to spend an unforgettable 10 days in Eretz Yisroel on an Orthodox Married Couples bus with learning, sports, and a full schedule of great trips. The program features an unbeatable combination of outstanding Torah leaders, fantastic Rebbeim, and talented counsellors. The friendships that you will build during the trip will last long after it has ended. On the Ezra – Eretz Chemdah program you will have the opportunity to understand, appreciate, strengthen and intensify your commitment to Eretz Yisroel.

This program is open to Canadians however all participants are responsible for their travel to and from the US gateway city of departure.


You can now start your application for the winter 2015/16 and summer 2016 trips before registration officially opens. Do you want to get more information from us? No problem, just sign up to receive more info about our trips.